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Dividing Pensions in Divorce, 3rd Edition

Where can you go to find practical strategies for drafting QDROs and calculating present values? For thousands of attorneys, the answer is simple--consult your desk copy of Dividing Pensions in Divorce. Provides winning strategies with point-by-point analysis on every important pension issue, from understanding Social Security and COLA adjustments to preparing for trial with battle-tested cross-examination questions on tough topics like coverture, subsidized pensions, disability and survivorship provisions.

Value of Pensions in Divorce, 5th Edition

Value of Pensions in Divorce, Fifth Edition, provides guidelines for financial advisors, divorce attorneys, and pension actuaries through every stage of the pension valuation process - from preliminary client interview to review of pension valuation reports, drafting of qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs), and cross-examination of expert witnesses. Mathematics are kept to a minimum, and legal principles and concepts of pension valuation are translated into plain English and illustrated with examples, sample court orders, and pension documents.