Onsite Training

QDRO Consultants Co. has been involved in QDROs since their inception in 1984. We have reviewed QDROs for thousands of plan administrators across the country, and have gained a unique insight into the complexities and potential pitfalls associated with the administration of QDROs for every type of ERISA-governed plan and nonqualified plan.

We encourage you to take advantage of our expertise. QDRO Consultants Co. can train your in-house staff to administer QDROs in a timely, efficient and accurate manner. Not only can we help your staff assure compliance with ERISA, but we can teach them many QDRO streamlining techniques that will speed up the entire process. Even if your staff has been reviewing QDROs for years, we encourage you to take advantage of our on-site training techniques and streamlining tips. We can save your company countless thousands of dollars and limit your liability exposure at the same time.

What You Will Learn

Call us toll-free today at (800) 527-8481 to learn how we can help your staff master the complexities of QDRO administration.