On-boarding Process

We have developed a detailed process of on-boarding new clients in which we discover the specifics of how you would like orders administered on your behalf. By completing our Implementation Checklist, you tell us what you will and will not accept and a default in the event that an Order is silent regarding a specific issue. We offer two options to you. You can choose each individual default or you can opt for our fast-track in which you adopt all of our recommended defaults.

Our process is broken down into six easy steps which allow us to bring new clients on in a very efficient manner. In many situations we can go from initial contact to actively reviewing QDROs in 30 days.

Step 1: Contact

We respond to initial contact of a potential client, answer any questions and provide an overview of our services and fees.

Step 2: Information

We present details of our services, typically in a conference call with decision makers.

Step 3: Collection

We collect documents and information including a signed Service Agreement and completed Implementation Checklist.

Step 4: Preparation

We prepare and provide to the client a QDRO Compliance Manual which details the manner in which we will administer QDROs.

Step 5: Approval

We make any necessary modifications to the Compliance Manual based on client feedback and receive approval from client.

Step 6: Activation

We activate our services on behalf of the new client.