Interpretation Letter

When QDRO Consultants Co. approves a QDRO, we do not simply generate a form letter stating "QDRO Approved." Instead, we put together a detailed Interpretation Letter outlining all of the rights and entitlements of the alternate payee in laymen's terms. Because attorneys often do not understand the QDRO process themselves, we have found that participants (and alternate payees) even have less of an understanding of the QDRO process. Our Interpretation Letter explains how the alternate payee's benefits are to be calculated and addresses other important issues such as survivorship, COLA, early retirement subsidies, etc.

Our Interpretation Letter also provides the parties with their 30-day ERISA appeal rights. This helps reduce your corporate liability in the event that any party disagrees with the terms of the Interpretation Letter. During the appeal period, the parties have an opportunity to submit an amended QDRO if necessary in order to clarify the terms of their divorce settlement.