Audit Historical Files

We have found that many companies are having a difficult time implementing old QDROs that were approved many years ago. In some cases, submitted QDROs were never officially approved and implemented. Not only can this result in significant liability exposure for your company, but also many thousands of dollars are wasted annually on plan recordkeepers and actuaries that must reread and reinterpret old QDROs when it comes time for the calculation and implementation of the alternate payees' benefits.

QDRO Consultants Co. can audit your old QDRO files to be sure that they were officially approved and properly put-to-bed. In addition, we can prepare QDRO-Express Forms, when necessary, for submission to your plan recordkeeper and actuary. In this manner, they will not have to reinterpret the QDRO down the road. Your actuary will be able to rely on our forms for ease of calculation and administration of the QDRO.

Many companies amend their plans from time to time thus rendering an old QDRO approval (and interpretation) obsolete. For example, one of our clients approved hundreds of QDROs over the years that applied to their then traditional defined benefit pension plan. However, they recently converted their plan to a cash-balance pension plan and now must reinterpret the old, previously approved QDROs. Rather than letting their actuary review and reinterpret the old QDROs on an hourly-rate basis (which would have cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars), QDRO Consultants Co. prepared QDRO-Express Administration Forms for a nominal flat-fee. Now, their actuary can quickly calculate the alternate payees' benefits by relying on our express forms.

Please call us today if you would like us to audit your old QDRO files.