Plan Administrator's Guide

Importance of Written QDRO Procedures | Receipt of an Executed QDRO
Timing Requirements for Determining Qualified Status of an Order
Segregation of Plan Benefits While QDRO Process Is Pending | When an Order Does Not Qualify as a QDRO
Once a QDRO is Qualified | What if the Participant Dies Before the Order is Qualified?
What Happens if the Alternate Payee Dies?

Receipt of an Executed QDRO

As soon as an order that purports to be a QDRO is received, the plan administrator should determine the employment status of the plan participant relative to the affected plans in question. It is important to verify the status of the participant so that appropriate action can be taken to prevent distribution of the alternate payee's share of the benefits to the participant. If necessary, the participant's records should be flagged and accounts frozen pending the determination of the qualified status of the order. The employment status of the participant should trigger the following thoughts and actions from the plan administrator: