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Dividing Pensions in Divorce, 3rd Edition

By: Gary A. Shulman, David I. Kelley, Daniel E. Kelley

ISBN #: 9780735581753

Where can you go to find practical strategies for drafting QDROs and calculating present values? For thousands of attorneys, the answer is simple--consult your desk copy of Dividing Pensions in Divorce. Provides winning strategies with point-by-point analysis on every important pension issue, from understanding Social Security and COLA adjustments to preparing for trial with battle-tested cross-examination questions on tough topics like coverture, subsidized pensions, disability and survivorship provisions.

Value of Pensions in Divorce, 5th Edition

By: Mark K. Altschuler and Nora Kelley

ISBN#: 9781454825838

Value of Pensions in Divorce, Fifth Edition, provides guidelines for financial advisors, divorce attorneys, and pension actuaries through every stage of the pension valuation process - from preliminary client interview to review of pension valuation reports, drafting of qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs), and cross-examination of expert witnesses. Mathematics are kept to a minimum, and legal principles and concepts of pension valuation are translated into plain English and illustrated with examples, sample court orders, and pension documents.