Our Flat Fee Structure

We charge a flat fee for our administration services, whether the model is used or not. One fee covers the initial and any subsequent reviews of a particular order. This fee also includes all the necessary communication and correspondence with the parties. In the event that there are multiple QDROs for the same participant, we discount our fee for those additional orders. If you choose to have QDRO Consultants handle your administration you will not find yourself subject to lawsuits claiming that excessive fees are charged.

QDRO Administration (includes the following)

QMCSO Administration

A QMCSO is a medical child support order issued under State law that creates or recognizes the existence of an alternate recipient's right to receive benefits for which a participant or beneficiary is eligible under a group health plan, and which satisfies certain additional requirements contained in ERISA Section 609(a).

NMSN Administration

In order to expedite the approval of qualified medical child support orders by plan administrators, the federal government has issued final rules that provide for a National Medical Support Notice that can be utilized by state agencies for the purpose of enforcing the federal QMCSO provisions.

Administration of California Joinders

Under California statutes, Joinders are a required component of the divorce process when it comes to the equitable distribution of the participant's retirement benefits. All plan administrators are required to administer Joinders as part of the QDRO process. This includes a Summons (Joinder), Pleading on Joinder, Request for Joinder of Employee Benefit Plan and Order, Notice of Acknowledgement of Receipt and Notice of Appearance and Response.