Our Unparalleled Experience

What distinguishes us from others is our ability to handle the most difficult QDROs in a professional manner that enhances your company's reputation while also limiting corporate liability. We have gained this expertise from years of processing QDROs for Fortune 500 companies and drafting QDROs for family law attorneys throughout the U.S. In this time we have quite literally seen it all.

QDRO Consultants offers a perspective unique in the field. While there are many firms that administer QDROs, most do not have the experience of working with QDROs from the other side of the desk. Having assisted thousands of attorneys with the preparation of judgment entry language and the drafting of QDROs, we understand the process from start to finish. While our service focuses on the review and administration of QDROs, our experience with drafting gives us insight that others lack when dealing with the most difficult QDRO issues.